Port Pirie Yard Rail Movements

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
12/05/2020    1172  2020  GEN  12/05/2020 

Port Pirie Yard Rail Movements

Commencing forthwith due to rail head contamination between Coonamia and Port Pirie the following will apply.

Due to rail head contamination ARTC signal maintenance cannot guarantee the integrity of the track circuits and consequently, the signalling system entering and exiting Port Pirie Yard will be booked out of service under the IBA process.

To facilitate train movements between Coonamia and Port Pirie Yard and Stirling North and Port Pirie Yard, 40 / 40A points and Derail 41 and Derail 42 will be hand operated by the Signal Maintenance Technician as required under the direction of the Network Controller.

Signals affected for movements in and out of Port Pirie Yard are: -
- Signal 13
- Signal 13E
- Signal 22
- Signal 33
- Signal 36

The Network Controller will set Points 17 or Points 20 in or out of Port Pirie Yard as required and apply blocking commands on all points and track segments within the route. Whilst the movement is being undertaken, there are to be no ‘Stored Routes’ in Phoenix at this location.

The Network controller will issue Train Authorities to pass affected signals at stop as required in accordance with CoP 3.4 Passing Fixed Signals at Stop.

Blocking commands over the route are not to be removed until the Network Controller has received confirmation by either the driver of the Rail Movement or shunt staff on the ground, that the movement has completely cleared the route between the affected signals as listed above.

A CAN is to be issued for all movements traversing Wauchopes Road Level Crossing between Coonamia and Port Pirie Yard.

Rail Traffic Crews are to ensure that the level crossing equipment has activated, and booms are in the horizontal position prior to traversing the level crossing. If ground personnel are available, the test switch may be activated.

Warnertown Road level crossing is equipped with axle counter technology and will operate normally for the passage of rail movements planned to travel between Stirling North and Port Pirie Yard.

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Interface SA/VIC, Interstate Network.