WestFootscrayStanding of Trains

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
17/07/2009    1294  2009  GEN  17/07/2009 

This Notice is effective as of 2200 hours on 17 July, 2009.

During the hours of 2200 to 0630 each day, Standard and Broad Gauge services are not to be held at Signals WFS/4 and WFS/16 and WFS/44 located on the Signal Gantry which has been erected adjacent to the corner of Cross and Russell Streets at West Footscray.

This is due to complaints from local residents regarding noise and vibration emanating from locomotives of Melbourne bound trains standing at the aforementioned signals.

The following procedures will therefore apply.

a) Standard gauge services over 1000 metres:

Services with a total length in excess of 1000 metres which do not have a clear path into Melbourne will be held back at either Somerton Loop (North East Line) or Laverton Loop (Western Line) should advancing the service to Tottenham create congestion at that location.

b) Standard Gauge services under 1000 metres:

Standard Gauge services with a total length under 1000 metres can be advanced towards Tottenham provided they are held at Signal TOT/4 (Main Line) or TOT/16 (Local Line) as they will clear the junction points at Tottenham.

c) Broad Gauge services:

To avoid Broad Gauge services being held at Signal WFS/44, the ARTC Network Controllers will consult with their counterparts at V/Line Centrol so that arrangements can be made to stage these services accordingly.

John Dowie
Operations Manager