Update NIB Book - NCCW Vic South We

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
17/01/2024    131  2024  GEN  17/01/2024 
NCCW - VIC South West

Notices Previous/Existing: Standing Train Notice 3111-2023
NIB Book: OGW-30-05 VIC South West Version 2.4

Effective from Monday 22/01/2024

On the 22 January 2024 ARTC will publish the amended Network Information Book (NIB) for VIC South West to version 2.4.

The NIB is available on the ARTC website located at https://www.artc.com.au/customers/operations/nib/

Amendments to OGW-30-05 include:
- Level Crossing table updated in section 1.11
- Laverton location text and diagram updated in section 2.15 as detailed in Train Notice 3111-2023
- Vite Vite diagram updated in section 2.6
- Line diagram updated

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Interface SA/VIC, Interstate Network.