Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
25/05/2023    1331  2023  GEN  25/05/2023 

Commissioning of Interlocking Upgrade Mount Lofty Yard

Upon completion of commissioning activities, the following signalling infrastructure will apply in Mount Lofty Yard:

The following signals shall be converted to LED:
- Absolute signals 4 and 4E at 30.810km
- Dwarf signal 4G at 30.860km
- Absolute signal 11 at 31.095km, and
- Absolute Signal 12

The Standing Room will remain unchanged:
- Crossing Loop (642m)
- Main Line (639m)
- Goods Loop (220m)

Local Control Panel:
- Local Control Panel within New Signal Equipment Room - no access for train crews.

Crank Handles:
- No (Dual Control Points Machines).

Other Information:
The Highest point on the route is roughly in the middle of the Yard with a steep up grade into the Yard from both ends.

MTL is unique in having the goods loop siding between the main line and crossing loop, access to which is controlled remotely by the train controller.

This goods siding is used for stabling track machines and also for detaching disabled vehicles from trains. The track machines should be stabled in the middle of the siding to allow emergency detaches to be made.

There are absolute signals facing each way part way along the crossing loop and both the DOWN direction signal (#11) and UP direction signal (#12) have a low speed aspect.

Requirements for opposing Train Movement protection:
- Movement from 3 to 23 signal will require 20 points reverse if 23 is at stop.
- Movement from 3 to 23E signal via 11 signal will require 20 points normal if 23E is at stop.
- Movement from 24 to 4 signal will require 7 points reverse if 4 is at stop.
- Movement from 24 to 4E signal via 12 signal will require 7 points normal if 4E is at stop..

Heathfield 32.874km Rail Squeal Acoustic Detector wayside device is installed.

Authorised by: Operations Interface SA/Vic, Interstate Network NCCW