Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
02/07/2018    1343  2018  GEN  02/07/2018 
Standing Train Notice 1506/2016 issued on 31/08/2016 is CANCELLED and the following now applies:

ARTC Track Availability for Train/Wagon Testing

All requests for train/wagon tests on ARTC tracks require greater than 6 weeks notice on intention to conduct a test.

This action is necessary to enable review of the application and have the track section proposed for testing inspected and certified suitable.

The preferred locations for these tests are:
- Coonamia to Crystal Brook
- Tent Hill to Hesso
- Coombe to Keith
- Mingary to Thackaringa

Other locations will be considered on request.

If there are special inspections of the infrastructure to be undertaken by the maintainer, these will be charged at cost to the applicant.

If additional work needs to be done to the infrastructure to accommodate the test, any costs will be borne by the applicant.

An application fee of $1000 and application form will be needed.

The above is in addition to existing arrangements for testing trains/wagons as indicated on the Rollingstock Testing Deed issued by ARTC.

The above will apply until further notice.

Authorised by: Operations Support Manager, Interstate Network.