Bulong Curtin Road Crossing

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12/08/2016    1407  2016  GEN  12/08/2016 
Commissioning of New Level Crossing Equipment at Bulong Curtin Road Crossing at 1730.525 km

Curtin to Golden Ridge Section

Between the hours of 0800 and 1700 on Thursday the 25/08/2016, works will be undertaken to test and commission into service new level crossing equipment at the Bulong Curtin Road level crossing located at the 1730.525 km between Curtin and Golden Ridge.

On the day, active warning devices consisting of flashing lights, automatic gates and audible warning device will be brought into service. The operation of the crossing will be via Grade Crossing Predictor.

As part of the installation, level crossing predictor boards, as described in the ARTC Addendum to the National Code, Section 33.2 will be installed on both approaches to the level crossing at 1728.911km and 1732.139km.

Should a movement come to a stand between the predictor board and the level crossing and the warning devices cease to operate, the train crew shall regulate approach speed to ensure that when the train movement reaches the level crossing that the warning devices have operated for a minimum period of 25 seconds.

Should a movement come to a stand between the predictor board and the level crossing and the level crossing continues to operate, the train crew are required to be vigilant to road traffic when the train again continues to move.

The control equipment will be housed in a concrete enclosure adjacent to the track at the 1730.525 km.

The crossing lights are fitted with white sidelights that will flash when the crossing is operating. Train crews are requested to observe these indications and report any defects to Network Control.

As part of the installation a standard test switch control box is provided on the side of the concrete enclosure.

Train crews attention is directed to the above level crossing testing and commissioning.

Parkeston Network Controller will be provided with a view of the level crossing displaying indications of activation, booms down and power supply failure.

The testing of the new level crossing equipment at Bulong Curtin Road crossing will be performed under TRI safe working.


Safe Worker: - Billy Singh S W and ES Services 0419 829 990
Site Supervisor: - Darryl Hamp : 0419 299 118