Network Informatio Book Update

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
28/06/2021  30/09/2021  1545  2021  GEN  28/06/2021 
Update of Network Information Book (NIB)
Amendments to OGW-30-08 Adelaide Metro

Mile End (inc) to Dry Creek (inc) and Dry Creek to Outer Harbor

On the 30th Jun 2021 ARTC will publish the amended Network Information Book (NIB) for Adelaide Metro to version 4.1

The NIB is available on the ARTC website located at
Amendments to OGW-30-08 include:
Section 1.5 Adjacent Train Control details updated
Section 1.14 Wayside Monitoring Systems updated
Islington, Gillman Junction & Pelican Point diagrams updated
Usage note added to all diagrams
Relevant updates included on related line diagram