Pre-work/Worksite Protection Plan

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06/07/2021    1616  2021  GEN  06/07/2021 

Pre-Work Brief and Worksite Protection Plan
- Network Wide

Commencing on Monday 12/07/2021, ARTC will introduce the following new Procedures and associated templates:

- COR-FM-029 - Worksite Protection Plan and Pre-Work Brief Procedure
- COR-FM-058 - Pre-Work Brief
- COR-FM-059 - Worksite Protection Plan
- COR-FM-060 - Worksite Log and Diary
- COR-FM-061 - Worksite Protection Checklist.

The new documents are available on the ARTC website located at:

for use by Rail Safety Workers working on the ARTC Network.

Rail Safety Workers may continue to use the current worksite documents as detailed below until Tuesday 12/10/2021.

- From Tuesdayy 12/10/2021 these documents will be withdrawn and no longer available to use.

RLS-PR-005 - Pre-Work Brief Procedure
RLS-PR-006 - Worksite Protection Plan Procedure
RLS-FM-005 - Pre-Work Brief
RLS-FM-006 - Worksite Protection Plan
RLS-FM-007 - Worksite Log and Diary
RLS-FM-009 - Individual Pre-Work Assessment.

Authorised by: Operations Interface, SA and Vic, Interstate Network NCCW.