Movement of CDBY Coaches

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
29/01/2022    179  2022  GEN  29/01/2022 
Operation of CDBY on the ARTC Network

Effective immediately:

A waiver to the published conditions in the ARTC Train Operating Conditions Manual is granted to First Rail for the operation of CDBY passenger car on the ARTC Network.

TOC WAIVER Reference Number: 22008

The operational conditions of the wagons are as below:

The CDBY wagon has outline infringements at the platform area therefore the following restrictions are in place for operation.

1. CDBY is not permitted to travel:
- East of Kinalung, NSW 1071.597 km
- South of Islington Adelaide Freight Terminal, SA

2. When operating the CDBY via Broken Hill:
- The vehicle shall be diverted through either the Broken Hill "South Through Road" or Goods Loop.
- When passing the Broken Hill Passenger Platform, reduce speed to 25km/h

Approved by: Carolyne Southern, Operations Standards Manager

Authorised by: Operations Interface SA/Vic, Interstate Network