Track Worker Communication Protocol

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
30/10/2017    1928  2017  GEN  30/10/2017 
ARTC Network Track Worker Communication Protocols
Victoria / South Australia / Western Australia

Effective from 01 November 2017 until further notice, in addition to the existing requirements, Competent Rail Safe Worker (CRSW) required to access the ARTC Rail Corridor must on initial contact with Network Control, specify their physical location by stating:

- Location name and KM , or
- KM and Signal Number.

- Barton 694.335km,
- 449.164km Signal number GJ144
- Seymour 98.700km
- 98.780km Signal post number 36.

Network Controllers must where possible verify the physical location of the CRSW’s KM location using for example the train control graph, workstation mimic panel or Network Information Books, and that it is located within the correct Section of track before authorising track workers to access the Rail Corridor.

Worksite Protection Plan
Additionally the location on the CRSW and the workgroup must be clearly marked by kilometerage on the Worksite Protection Plan at the time of conducting the briefing (noting that this location will change for moving worksites).

Authorised by: Ops Support Manager, Intersate Network.