RAS Update Benalla Oaklands

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
17/08/2020    2007  2020  GEN  17/08/2020 
Update to Route Access Standard
IN Section Pages I2 - Benalla to Oaklands

All movements between NSW and Oaklands are required to be push - pull services due to level crossing issues at Benalla. Services may remarshal locomotives at Albury on the loaded return service if required.

Any Temporary Speed Restrictions applied on the corridor between Benalla Junction and Oaklands will be published in WebRAMS in the Melbourne to Albury TSR list.

Route Access Condition Notice 20-0024 Refers

Updated axle load limit table for the corridor (actual limit of 21.8 tonnes for locomotives and 19 tonnes for wagons unchanged)

Updated permanent speed limit to 50km/h

Level crossing information removed as is now contained in the NIBs

Revised the diagram to better reflect the layout

Corrected Bossey Creek to Boosey Creek

Added Standing room for all loops.
No3 Road - 767 metres
No4 Road - 650 metres

Siding No. 1 - 177 metres
Dead end off Siding No. 1 - 180 metres

Loop Line - 525 metres

No. 1 Siding - 423 metres

No. 1 Siding - 415 metres

No. 1 Siding - 288 metres

No. 1 Siding - 740 metres

No. 1 Siding - 546 metres

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Interface Interstate Network.