Gauge Indicator Installation Melb

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
18/12/2015    2041  2015  GEN  18/12/2015 
Gauge Indicator Installation Melbourne Metro

On Monday 14/12/2015 between 07:00hrs and 15:00hrs as traffic permits ARTC Maintenance will be installing Gauge Indicators onto points that split gauge.

The Gauge Indicators will be placed on the sleeper with the pointer pointing at the gauge set for the movement. The gauge indicator will indicate SG, BG or DG.
The following points are part of the first stage:

- DYN125DW
- DYN137UW
- DYN101DW
- DYN147UW
- DYN151DW
- DYN155DW
- DYN157W

During failure conditions Rail traffic Crews are to ensure that the correct gauge is displayed prior to traversing the points.