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Work Period: Monday 15/02/16 to Thursday 18/02/16

As required during the Pyrenees Loop commissioning period, Signal and Track & Civil works will take place at Pyrenees Loop and in the Pyrenees Loop to Great Western Loop section.

At the commencement of the Signaling works the CTC at Pyrenees Loop will be disconnected and show on the Phoenix screen as unavailable but will have no impact on Ararat equipment.

These works shall take place under Absolute Occupations and/or Track Warrants or Look Out as required during the commissioning and prior to any activities taking place, the Safe worker in charge MUST first be advised of the intended works to ensure adequate protection arrangements are in place.

Track Civil and Signalling Alterations:
The detailed changes to the Track and Signalling infrastructure at Pyrenees Loop are as follows;

- The Arrival Clearing Boards and associated circuitry at the East End of Pyrenees Loop will remain for the Down Approach.
- Signals 214 /30 and 214 /32 will be relocated approximately 353 metres towards Adelaide to approximately 215.388 Km and upgraded to LED type signals
- Number 27 points at 215.220 km will be removed from the track and Newly installed Points at approximately the (**)215.750 km (**) will be named 27 points and made operational.
- Signal 214 /26 Signal will be relocated from the current location of approximately 215.335 Km to approximately 215.870 Km, upgraded to an LED type signal
- Automatic Signal A2186 at approximately 218.571 Km will be upgraded to become a Three Position Automatic Signal fitted with an 'A' and 'B' aspect and upgraded to an LED type signal. This will permit the signal to display a 'Reduce to Medium Speed' aspect when 214/26 signal displays a medium speed indication
- The 'Arrival Clearing' board and associated circuitry at the Adelaide end of the loop will be removed.
- Old Turnout will be removed and track aligned on Main Line and Crossing Loop
- Track Machines will work as required at Pyrenees Loop

Other Track Circuit and microlok works as required by the Signalling Technicians as part of the commissioning of infrastructure.

(**) Signal 214/6 will be upgraded to LED Type Signal 214/10, 214/12. (**)

Number 2 Road at Pyrenees Loop will be booked out of use during the commissioning period and 7 and 27 points will be secured by means of a lockable point clip with the key to remain in the possession of the safeworker in charge at all times to prevent unauthorised operation of the points.

Testing of the Points at Pyrenees Loop must only be conducted during No Train Periods and only after a Track Warrant of Absolute Occupation has been issued.
The points must be secured set and locked for the main line prior to the Track Warrant or Absolute Occupation being returned.

All Track works will take place during No Train Periods and only after the Safeworker in Charge has obtained the permission of the Network Controller and only after the appropriate Protection is first put in place.

Signal testing will take place during the day, any signaling testing that has the potential to affect train running will be conducted during No Train Periods and only after the Tester in Charge has first obtained permission for the testing to take place. Signals may be lit in the opposite direction of train travel for testing purposes.

All Signaling and Track Works within the danger area will take place under Absolute Occupation, Track Warrants, and Works taking place outside for the danger zone adjacent to the main line will be performed under Lookout Protection.
A separate Train Notice will detail boundary limits for Absolute Occupation when required during the commissioning period.

Safeworker in Charge, Jim Horvath: 0400 544 634
Signals Site Supervisor, Darryl Hamp: 0419 299 118
Tester in Charge, Peter Priem: 0418 463 032

NCCW North West Board: 08 8217 4235
NCCW Train Transit Manager:08 8217 4540