Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
26/09/2012    2394  2012  GEN  26/09/2012 
Commissioning of Axle Counters at Warnertown Road Level Crossing at the 2.776 km, Coonamia

On Wednesday the 26/09/2012 and Thursday the 27/09/2012 between the hours of 0800 and 1700, works will be undertaken to test and commission into service new Axle Counter equipment at the existing Warnertown Road level crossing located on the Port Pirie Leg of the Triangle at the 2.776 km, Coonamia.

A level crossing keeper shall be in attendance to provide protection at the level crossing as required throughout the commissioning works.

Upon completion of the works, the level crossing warning protection equipment will operate automatically for the passage of trains. The existing pushbuttons, Stop boards and associated signage will subsequently be removed.

Train crews attention is directed to the above level crossing testing and commissioning.

Under no circumstances is any testing to be done, or works performed that have the potential to affect the signalling system, during periods that rail movements are approaching or operating within the affected section.

The testing of the Axle Counter equipment at Warnertown Road will be performed under TRI safe working.