DCR -Mixed Gauge Diamond Removal

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
24/11/2014    2435  2014  GEN  24/11/2014 

Dry Creek

Redundant Infrastructure Removal - Dry Creek Mixed Gauge Diamond
(TAA 1108-2014 refers)

Saturday 29/11/2014 to Monday 01/12/2014
The works will include removing the mixed gauge diamond at Dry Creek and replacing with standard gauge plain track, plus all associated signalling changes.

The boundaries of the works are from Dry Creek Signal 5 and Signal 3 to Dry Creek Signal 16 and Signal 16E. This works will be carried out under Total Possession - No Train Period.

Duration of Works:
1900hrs on 29/11 to 0300hrs on 30/11
0840hrs to 1230hrs on 30/11
0730hrs to 1000hrs on 01/12
1200hrs to 1430hrs on 01/12
1500hrs to 1700hrs on 01/12

Worksite Protection:
The works will be carried out under TOA & No Train Period.
Prior to the return of the TOA at the end of the works, the Track Protection Officer must ensure the track is clear and has been certified fit for purpose.

Contact Details:
Track Protection Officer,Kleo Ioannidis: 0418 845 803
Project Manager, Alice Weatherford 0439 868 259