Vic Rail Nwk Train Comms Compliance

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25/11/2014    2443  2014  GEN  25/11/2014 
Victorian Rail Network Train Communication Compliance

Standing Train Notice

Effective from 01 December 2014

National Train Communication System (NTCS) and alteration to Communication Device Status for all Network Operation communications.

From 1st December 2014, prior to commencing journeys on the ARTC controlled Victorian network, Operators must contact the Network Controller to confirm that their NTCS In-cabin Equipment (ICE) unit equipment is functioning correctly, that their Train number is registered and that voice communications can be established with the Network Controller. Contact with the Network Controller must be established via the mandatory ICE unit.

This process of contacting the Network Controller prior to entering the network is often referred to as "Logging on" and confirms that required mandatory communications are in place prior to a train’s journey commencing.

The ICE units are capable of self-testing functions and the also allows operators to enter train numbers via the Human Machine Interface (HMI) display, however these functions do not replace the requirement to contact the Network Controller and confirm that the required communications are in place.

ICE equipped trains which enter the ARTC Victorian and New South Wales Networks after "logging on" in an adjacent network area will have the train registration automatically transferred to the ARTC Network Controllers Train Radio system and contact with the ARTC Network Controller is not required at the Network boundary.

In the event that registration of Train radios fail during a journey or are known to have problems, reregistration must be attempted and if unsuccessful alternative communications established.

Operators whose ICE unit fails during a journey will be permitted to complete their current journey once effective alternate communications are established. Trains that cannot be registered on the ICE unit will not be permitted to commence new journeys to enter the ARTC network.

Completion of the "log on" procedure with the Network Controller from the leading cab is required to ensure compliance with Rail Safety Act and confirm that the required communications between Operators and Network Controllers are functioning correctly. Only the lead and manned Train Radios on a train should be powered on.

Communications Manager
Australian Rail Track Corporation