NIB Update Crystal Brook to B.Hill

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
17/12/2018    2622  2018  GEN  17/12/2018 
Update of Network Information Book (NIB)

Amendments to OGW-30-03 North ABS Line

Crystal Brook (exc) to Broken Hill (exc)

On 21 Dec 2018 ARTC will publish the amended Network Information Book (NIB) for North ABS Line to version 1.2

The NIB is available on the ARTC website located at

Amendments to OGW-30-03 include:
Private level crossing 858 at 66.928km removed from section 1.7 as detailed in train notice 1958-2014.
Location Boards table added as new section 1.8 as detailed in train notice 689-2018
Cockburn wayside equipment details added to section 2.11
Crystal Brook diagram updated in line with changes to West CTC NIB
Corrections made to sections 2.13 & 2.15 regarding departing movements from Pinnacles, Bemax & Perilya sidings to remove wording "If required"
Network Controller references at Broken Hill updated in section 2.14.1 to NCCS
Corrections made to various diagrams and line diagram

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Support Manager, Interstate Network.