Guidelines for Reporting Extreme We

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18/10/2023    2633  2023  GEN  18/10/2023 


Introduction of Guideline for Rail Traffic Crew Reporting in Extreme Wet Weather & Flooding Events EHS-GL-002.

Effective from:
Wednesday 25th October 2023

From 0001hrs on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, ARTC will introduce Guideline EHS-GL-002 to support Rail Traffic Crews with observations, appropriate reporting, and actions to be taken when confronted with extreme wet weather and flooding events.

This guideline complements the existing ARTC Network Rules as below: -
- TA20 - ARTC Code of Practice for the Victorian Main Line Operations, Rule 6, Section 1 - Reporting & Responding to a Condition Affecting the Network (CAN).
- ARTC Addendum to the Code of Practice for the Defined Interstate Rail Network, Rule 40, - Reporting & Responding to a Condition Affecting the Network (CAN).

The guideline can be accessed on the ARTC website -

The e-learning (online) can be accessed on the ARTC LMS website

After logging in, use the learning search to find the induction titled- "Driver reporting guideline - extreme wet weather & Flooding conditions"

Affected users are directed to contact their respective training departments for information relating to briefings and e-learning requirements.

Recipients must ensure this Notice is circulated to and understood by all personnel affected by, or needing to know, its content.

This Notice must be issued to all affected Competent Workers.

Competent Workers who receive this Notice must follow the requirements.

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Interface SA/VIC, Interstate Network.