Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
13/12/2019    2684  2019  GEN  13/12/2019 
Commencing 0001hrs on Sunday 12/01/2020 ARTC will implement changes to the ARTC Code of Practice for the Victorian Main Line Operations TA20, Track Warrant safeworking form.

The amended Track Warrant form is available on the ARTC website located at:


Amendments to the Track Warrant form include:

- additional text within Section 2, Track Warrant Return, to prompt Track Force Protection Coordinator’s to ensure workers, equipment and protection including STOP signs / red lights and point clips have been removed from the track prior to returning the Track Warrant.

- a new section titled 'Additional Workgroups within Track Warrant Limits' for use by Track Force Protection Coordinators holding a Track Warrant.

This section has been included for the Track Force Protection Coordinator holding the Track Warrant to record the details of additional workgroups undertaking work within the limits of the Track Warrant. The Track Force Protection Coordinator must record the name of the Competent Worker / Rail Safety Worker in-charge of the additional workgroup, their contract details, the workgroup location, the time the track was fouled and the time the track was cleared by all workers and equipment.

Affected Rail Safety Workers must ensure that they are familiar with the changes prior to the implementation date.

Affected Rail Safety Workers must ensure that they have the new forms available for use on the day of implementation. All old forms must be removed from use and destroyed on the day of implementation of the new form.

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Interface, Interstate Network