Portland Yard

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
27/11/2020    2879  2020  GEN  27/11/2020 
Standing Train Notices 1116/2017 and 1321/2020 are now CANCELLED and REPLACED with Standing Train Notices 2878 (Portland/Maroona) and 2879 (Portland Yard) dated 27/11/2020:

Portland Yard

Commencing from 27/11/2020 and until further notice, the rail line between Maroona and Portland was open to all rail traffic.

Rail Traffic Crews are to comply with any lower TSR speeds encountered enroute.
All trains and work trains are to proceed through Portland Yard under signal indications as per posted track speed. If signalling fails, a Signalman’s Caution Order will be issued verbally to train crews.

Due to infrequent rail traffic movements in Portland Yard, between Portland Signal 1 and the end of the ARTC lease at the 405.256 km, a Condition Affecting the Network (CAN) form will be issued for all level crossings within these boundaries.

All drivers of rail traffic movements on approach to each active level crossing must:

- Treat the active level crossing as faulty or potentially faulty (as no flagmen are provided),

- If the warning equipment is operating correctly, proceed per CAN form,

*If the warning equipment is not operating correctly, the Driver must direct the Second Crew Member to operate the manual test switch for the level crossing,

*Once an assurance has been obtained from the Second Crew Member that the level crossing warning equipment has operated correctly for a period of not less than 30 seconds and any road vehicle / pedestrians approaching the level crossing have stopped and it is safe to do so, the train may proceed over the level crossing,

* As soon as possible, report the status of the level crossing to the Network Controller.

The above procedure also applies to Track Machines as listed in TA20 - ARTC Code of Practice for the Victorian Main Line Network.

All affected level crossings within the boundaries of Portland Yard are as follows:
- 400.480 km - Cashmore Road
- 404.223 km - Julia Street (Anderson Road)

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Interface SA/VIC, Interstate Network.