Update of NIB Main South C

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
14/02/2024    367  2024  GEN  14/02/2024 
Subject Title: Update of Network Information Book (NIB)

Control Board: NCCS - Main South C

Update of Network Information Book for Main South C

Effective From: 15/02/2024
Reference Documents:
Notices (Previous/existing): Standing Train Notices 3096-2023 and 245-2024

Network Information Book: OGW-30-30 Main South C Version 3.6

On the 15 February 2024 ARTC will publish the amended Network Information Book (NIB) for Main South C to version 3.6.

The NIB is available on the ARTC website located at https://www.artc.com.au/customers/operations/nib/

Amendments to OGW-30-30 include:
- Seymour standard gauge sidings exit requirements added to section 2.10
-Seymour - Tallarook and Tallarook diagrams updated with signal changes
-Albury 1 diagram updated
- Line diagram updated

AUTHORISED BY: Operational Interface SA/VIC, Interstate Network.