Benalla/Oaklands Reopening Corridor

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
24/01/2011    418  2010  GEN  24/01/2011 
TN418 (OF 21/01/2011) is AMENDED and RE-ISSUED as a STANDING NOTICE



Commencing from Tuesday 09.02.10, the Benalla - Oaklands corridor will become available for the operation of revenue services. The main line corridor and all intermediate sidings have been converted for standard gauge operation.

The Train Control function for the Benalla - Oaklands Corridor will be managed by the Network Control Officer at Junee Train Control (Main South Board ‘C’) 02 6924 9802.

V/Line TON Circular 0403/2007 (dated 28.11.07 and relating to the Booking Out of the corridor ) is hereby rescinded. The baulks fitted to the line at distance 196.000 and the point clips securing the junction points at Benalla have been removed.

The Train Staff and Ticket System, (in accordance with the provisions of Section 21 of the ARTC Network Rules and Procedures - TA20) will be introduced between Benalla and Oaklands. The corridor will consist of one single line section and Train Staff Ticket boxes will not be provided.

When not in use, the Train Staff for the section will be held by the Sectional Co-ordinator responsible for the Seymour - Wodonga West Line Absolute Occupation Section 2.

The Sectional Co-ordinator will assume the role of Signaller at Benalla and will be responsible for the:

- Operation of the junction points to the Oaklands Corridor at Benalla as required,

- Recording the arrival and departure times of Oaklands line Trains in the Train Register Book,

- Retaining possession of the Benalla - Oaklands Train Staff when not in use, and

- Other safeworking duties as prescribed by the Network Operations Controller.

A safeworking cabin will be provided for the Sectional Co-ordinator adjacent to the Nunn Street Level Crossing. The safeworking cabin will be provided with:

- A hand held ‘end to end’ Radio,
- A complete set of Flags,
- A hand signal lamp,
- A Train Authority Book, and
- A Train Register Book.

Cooking and other comfort facilities will also be provided.

Intermediate Sidings

The following Intermediate Sidings are provided along the corridor.

Location-Distance-Point Locking

St.James - 228.000 - Staff Lock
Yarrawonga - 260.000 - Plunger Locking & Staff Lock
Sloane - 271.500 - Staff Lock
Warragoon - 282.200 - Staff Lock
Sanger - 303.300 - Staff Lock
Wangamong - 313.100 - Staff Lock
Oaklands - 321.000 - Hand Locking Bar

Security of the Train Staff on the Locomotive

Where a train is required to be stabled at an Intermediate Siding for the purpose of loading and the Train Crew is to cease duty, the Train Staff must be secured on the locomotive.

The following procedure must be observed:

The Driver must:

- Ensure the whole of the train has been stabled within the siding, the relevant roll-out protection has been applied and the main line points are secured and locked for the main line.

- Ensure the train has been properly secured,

- Advise the Network Operations Controller that the Train Staff has been secured in a safe place on the locomotive, and

- Lock the cab doors of the Locomotive.

The Network Operations Controller must record the fact that the Train Staff has been secured on the locomotive on the Train Graph.

Corridor Radio Channel

Trains and Track Machines operating between Benalla and Oaklands must operate on Radio Channel 1(one)

Corridor Line Speeds



(G,XR) (A,B,N,GM 22Class 422 Class) H,P,T Y
BENALLA and YARRAWONGA 55 70 70 65
Except over Bossey Creek Overflow Bridge at
239.170km between St James and Tungamah
30 70 70 65

YARRAWONGA River Bridge 30 30 30 30
260-545 - 261.330

YARRAWONGA and OAKLANDS 318.448km 50 50 50 50

Ruling Grade Loads

RULING GRADE LOADS (TONNES) - Table will be published on ARTC Website in due course.

Operation of Active Control Level Crossings between Benalla and Oaklands

Active Control Level Crossings are situated at the following locations along the corridor:

Name - Distance from Melbourne - Type

Delatite Shire Bypass Road - 200.074 - FL
Yarrawonga - Katamatite Road - 256.478 - FL
Benalla - Yarrawonga Road - 258.765 - FL
Murray Valley Highway - 259.590 - FL
Riverina Highway - 294.462 - FL

As rail traffic has not operated on the Benalla - Oaklands corridor for a period in excess of 48 hours, the active control level crossings listed above will be attended by a competent employee.

On the approach of the train, the competent employee must activate the test switch at the level crossing. Once the level crossing equipment has fully activated, the competent employee must then display the ‘All-Right hand signal to the Driver.

The Driver must approach each active control level crossing cautiously and be prepared to stop the train, should the ‘All-Right’ hand signal not be received.

The Network Controller must ensure that the Train Crew are fully conversant with the location of each active control level crossing.

Axle Loads


- The mass per freight vehicle on the network SHALL NOT EXCEED 76 tonnes gross unless otherwise published.

- The axle load of articulated freight vehicles SHALL NOT EXCEED 19 tonnes gross

Maximum Train Length


- Total length of train (including locomotives) not to exceed 1200mtrs in length.

The safeworking arrangements associated with the operation of the junction at Benalla for Oaklands traffic will be the subject of a Separate Train Notice.