Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
18/03/2009    471  2009  GEN  18/03/2009 
Effective as of 1300 hours on 22/03/2009 on the Transfer of Management
of the Portland to Maroona Corridor from VLine to A.R.T.C the following alterations will apply to Master Key use on the corridor:

1.MASTER KEYS available for use on the Portland Line.

a) Master Keys transfer from Dimboola station to ARTC East/West Operations.

The Portland to Maroona corridor currently has 8 Master keys available for use on the corridor to operate the points at intermediate locations. These Master Keys are currently located at Dimboola station and are managed and issued for use by VLine Safeworking department. On the transfer of the management of the Portland -Maroona corridor from VLine to ARTC the Master Keys will be transferred to the ARTC East/West Operations Support Manager Melbourne and kept in a secure location within the ARTC Melbourne office at level 11 303 Collins Street.

A) Request and Approval for Use of Master Key:

Prior to a master key being issued to an authorised and suitability qualified employee, a request must first be made to the ARTC East/West Operations Support Manager Melbourne. Once approvals has been granted for the use of a master Key, The ARTC Planning Adviser will be advised and then issue a Train Notice which will include details of reason for the use, master key number, qualified person, company name and contact details. Length of time required and the return date.
Under no curstances are the master keys to be used without the permission of ARTC East/West operations management.

b) Accounting of Master Keys:

The ARTC Operations Support Manager (Melbourne Office) will ensure all Master Keys are accounted for each day.
The Operations Support Manager can be contacted on 03 8624 0888.

c) Trains not required to carry Master Keys:

Rail services are not required to carry Master Keys unless they are required to shunt at Intermediate master Key locked locations. Should a Rail service be required to carry a master key for shunting operations, a train notice will be issued.

d)Lost or Damaged Master Keys:

Lost or Damaged Master Keys are to be accounted for as per the instructions pertained in rule 20 section 27 of TA.20 Victorian mainline rules and operating procedures.

e) Master Key Numbers available:

The Master Key numbers available for use for intermediate sidings with master key locked points on the Portland Line are as follows.

Master keys numbers -