BENALLA - Operating Instructions

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
8/03/2019    481  2019  GEN  8/03/2019 

TAA 0285-2019 Refers

Operating Instruction:
On Tuesday 14/03/2019, on completion of the new turnout installed at approx. 199.534 km in the Benalla to Wangaratta (West Line) section the following instruction will apply until the commissioning of the new siding at a later date.

A point motor will be installed with the Points being detected through the circuitry. The points will also be secured by lockable point clip and point bar fastened to prevent unauthorised use of the points.

The Hand throw lever on the point motor will be deactivated from use until the commissioning of the new siding.

Should a Track circuit fault occur between Benalla to Wangaratta (West Line) or should the Home Departure signal BNL32 fail or if the driver of a Melbourne bound train advises that Automatic signal EES2026 is at stop the following procedure shall be followed in conjunction with the current rules and procedures.

The Network Controller shall advise the driver of the Rail Movement to stop and inspect the points located at 199.534 km and report on the status of their position.

Should the driver on the Melbourne Bound Train after departing from Wangaratta (West Line) WRT26 on a Caution Order find the Automatic signal EES2026 is at Proceed, the driver will not be required to stop and inspect the points but must report this information to the Network Controller.

This information is then to be passed on to the ARTC Signal Technician.

Authorised by: Operations Support Manager, Interstate Network