Wayside Alarm - Seymour

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
01/03/2021    500  2021  GEN  01/03/2021 

From completion of works Monday 15th March 2021 at 1800Hrs as per TN 498/2021, the following applies:

ARTC has installed a Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM) and a Bearing Acoustic Monitor (RAILBAM) at Seymour (94.250km) as part of the Wayside Enhancement Project.

The (WCM) Wheel Condition Monitor is used to measure in kN terms the effect of wheel impacts on the rail surface under dynamic conditions.

The new WCM installation will be linked to the existing alarm based system that notifies both the relevant network control personnel and the respective Operator when a vehicle in a consist is suspected of exceeding the established wheel impact limits and advising the appropriate course of action.

An example of the automated email text is copied below:

"A vehicle in the train that passed through "Seymour" at (13/02/2021 7:54:02 AM [(UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney]) (Seymour) (ID SCT 000004, Consist Position 4, Axle 3, Train Axle 22) has recorded a higher than allowed wheel impact reading of 366 kN on the speed 112 km/h."

The automated text will also contain a maximum speed at which to travel.

The advice from Network Control will contain both the axle number and vehicle identification to assist the crew with this inspection.

Normal roll by procedures still apply, any rollingstock issues found at that time are still to be dealt with in the normal manner.

This process will be managed by Network Control Centre South, (located at Junee NSW).

A Train Control Report will be raised at this time, and the operating crew will be asked to report back to Train Control on the results of their inspection for the purposes of the TCR.

Operations guideline document OPE-GL-001 will be updated to include reference to this upgrade.

The RAILBAM Bearing Acoustic Monitor is used to detect trending rail wheel bearing faults and emergency withdrawals from service. This system does not notify alarms to the Network Controller or Train Transit Manager. RAILBAM alert conditions are reported via email to the Wayside Analyst and the respective Operator.

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Interface SA/VIC, Interstate Network.