Banner Instalation at Wangaratta

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
12/12/2011    5495  2011  GEN  12/12/2011 


Commencing at 08:00 Wednesday 28.12.11 and through to 16:00 the same day, New Signal Banner Indicator’s for South Bound trains are to be installed and commissioned in to use at KP233.216 (East Line) and KP 233.255 (West Line) on the left hand side of the track applicable Known as WRT6BI and WRT 26BI respectively They will give indication of signal aspects displayed on signals WRT6 and WRT 26 at Wangaratta.

The Track Protection Coordinator shall obtain absolute occupation a/c SIA, of the East and West Line from Benalla signal No.BNL12 (East Line) and BNL32 (West Line) at Benalla to Signal AY58 at Albury.

New Signal Banner Indicator at KP 233.216 (East Line) will be known as WRT6BI and will give indication of signal aspects displayed on signal WRT6.

New Signal Banner Indicator at KP 233.255 (West Line) will be known as WRT26BI and will give indication of signal aspects displayed on signal WRT26.

New Level crossing Predictor boards will be installed for Sisely Ave level crossing at KP 234.915 on both the East and West Line for south bound trains. Replacement predictor boards will be installed at KP 233.592. Both the new and replacement boards will be white in colour with a black circle and black cross with Sisely Ave written on the board. Level Crossing predictor boards at KP 231.908 on both the East and West lines will be relocated to KP 231.259

Signalling at Wangaratta will be disarranged for the installation of the Banner Indicators and will be unavailable for use during the period of occupation.

Temporary circuit alterations will be applied to Sisely Ave, Shanley Street and Sandford Road level crossings. A data change is to be installed at Sisely Ave level crossing, and traffic management will be in place for testing purposes.

A test loco will be employed for tests to be conducted on Sisely Ave level crossing and will operate in the occupied area under the instruction of the Tester in Charge as required. The Train will be signalled in to the occupied area and accompanied by the Track Force Protection Coordinator holding the Occupation.

Signalling Diagram Alumatta to Bowser 56/10 will be cancelled upon completion and replaced with Signalling diagram Alumatta to Bowser 152/11

Prior to granting the occupation the Network Controller is to ensure that the track sections are clear of all rail traffic.