ETW Trials Mile End to Wolseley

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
21/03/2019  31/01/2020  577  2019  GEN  21/03/2019 



ARTC is continuing to undertake a trial of electronic Track Occupancy Authorities utilising the ETW Software.

The trial is being undertaken between Mile End (exclusive) and Wolseley (inclusive).

The trial of ETW is being undertaken using ARTC Rail Safety Workers only.

Rail Safety Workers not involved in the trial will still be required to obtain Track Occupancy Authorities as detailed in the Code of Practice (CoP) for the Defined Interstate Rail Network and ARTC Addendum to the Code of Practice.

Paper Track Occupancy Authorities will continue to be numbered in accordance with 3.11.15 clause (b).

In exception to the CoP, for the duration of the trial, Rail Safety Workers involved in the trial will not be required to compile a Track Occupancy Authority Form SW5, as the authority will be authorised, issued and accepted utilising electronic ETW.

The trial will involve the authorising and issuing of Track Occupancy Authorities by Network Control for Track Workers to work which includes:
- the use of one or more track vehicles and machines for work or travel, or
- the use of light track equipment for work or travel; or
- track workers and their equipment.

Where the Worksite Supervisor provides the Network Controller with advanced notification of a Track Occupancy Authority, this information will be provided to the Network Controller verbally from the Worksite Supervisor.

The Network Controller shall check Phoenix track blocking is correct and graph TOA prior to validating the request for a Track Occupancy Authority as detailed in the CoP Rule 3.11.14 and complete the details on the ETW workstation screen.

There will be no requirement for the Network Controller to provide the Worksite Supervisor with train times anticipated at entrance to the section, as detailed in the CoP Rule 3.11.15 (b) (iii), although this information will be communicated verbally during the initial request for a TOA.

When using ETW, the electronic system will generate a unique TOA number. ETW numbering is sequential and does not restart at 0001 hrs.

When the Worksite Supervisor is required to clear the track for the passage of each train, the Worksite Supervisor shall cancel the Track Occupancy Authority using ETW. If access to the track is required after the train has passed, the Worksite Supervisor will make a new request for a Track Occupancy Authority by contacting the Network Controller and using ETW.

Authorised by: Operations Support Manager, Interstate Network.