Operation of SDA1 Locomotives

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
12/01/2016    62  2016  GEN  12/01/2016 
Operation of Type SDA1 locomotives, classes CSR, BK & QBX on the Non-NSW network.

The type SDA1 locomotives manufactured by CRRC (formerly CSR Ziyang) have been subject to extensive signal system compatibility testing and in their original configuration will potentially cause interference to specific equipment in use on the ARTC Network.

The CSR Locomotives are currently permitted to operate between Adelaide, Broken Hill and Kalgoorlie and between Adelaide and Melbourne in their original configuration with specific operating instructions on the mixed gauge tracks between Newport and Appleton Dock (refer to Standing Train Notice 2039 of 2015). They are not permitted to operate on tracks "north" of Tottenham/Brooklyn to Albury.

Prior to allowing unrestricted operation the following conditions shall be met:

1. CRRC and Qube to provide "signaling compatibility analysis" of DPU track circuits on track circuits as detailed in ARTC record dated 1 February 2016. This analysis to be available prior to operation of these locos on the ARTC Sydney - Melbourne corridor.


2. Locomotives shall only be used (other than as detailed above) after they have been configured as detailed in the report "Technical Report - SDA1 Class Locomotive Compliance Report; Appendix A SDA1 Traction Control System Configuration". Following this modification the locomotives may be operated over the same areas and under the same conditions as the CSR Class.

3. See separate Train Notice detailing the locomotive numbers that have been confirmed as meeting the configuration requirements.

Peter Jaehne
Operations Standards Manager