ARTC Rail Corridor Protocol

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
02/04/2019    666  2019  GEN  02/04/2019 
Protocol for Entering the ARTC Rail Corridor RLS-PR-003

Standing Train Notice: 2225 / 2014 issued on 23/10/2014 is cancelled and replaced by the following.

This procedure applies to all ARTC workers, customers, external parties and visitors entering the Rail Corridor in any part of the network managed by ARTC.
This procedure must be read in conjunction with the ARTC Rail Safety Worker Competency website.

The document is available on the ARTC website at the following address.

Danger Zone
Everywhere within 3 metres horizontally from the outermost rail and any distance above or below 3 metres.

Rail Corridor
Everywhere within 15 metres of the outermost rails or
- the boundary fence where boundary fences are provided and are closer than 15 metres, or
- if the property boundary is less than 15 metres, the property boundary, or
- a permanent structure such as a fence, wall or level crossing separating the operating rail corridor from leased or non-operational land.

Electric Traction Corridor
A part of the rail network where the standards, rules and procedures for electric traction apply, even if there is no overhead wire above a particular section of track.

The following documents support this procedure:
- ARTC Network Rules and Procedures
- TA20 - ARTC Code of Practice for the Victorian Main Line Operations
- Code of Practice for the Defined Interstate Rail Network (CoP)
- PEO-GL-001 Business Rules for Working in the ARTC Rail Corridor
- RLS-PR-044 Emergency Management

AUTHORISED BY: Operations Support Manager, Interstate Network.