NIB Update

Effective from Effective to Number Year Operator Issued
16/04/2021    923  2021  GEN  16/04/2021 
Update of Network Information Book (NIB)

Amendments to OGW-30-06 Vic North West
Wolseley (exc) to Pyrenees (inc) & Maroona (exc) to Portland (exc)

On the 19th April 2021 ARTC will publish the amended Network Information Book (NIB) for Vic North West to version 2.1

The NIB is available on the ARTC website located at

Amendments to OGW-30-06 include:
Maroona Portland line requirements updated as detailed in Train Notice 2878-2020
Portland Yard requirements updated as detailed in Train Notice 2879-2020
Board Extent details in section 1.1 updated
Adjacent Train Control details in section 1.4 updated
Level crossing details in section 1.10 updated
Wolseley diagram added to NIB and NIB diagrams set
Rules reference added to diagrams Serviceton to Dimboola Loop

AUTHORISED BY: Mr Graham Harrison, Operations Interface, Interstate Network.